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Daylight Sensor Built-in LED Low Bay

Daylight sensor built-in LED low bays Features
*Easy installation, suspending installation or wall mounted.
*Environmental friendly. Lead and mercury free.
*Resistant to shock and vibration.

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Daylight Sensor Built-in LED Low Bay

Daylight sensor built-in LED low bay

LED Low Bay does not use mercury, and it does not contain lead. Traditional fluorescent lamps contain a large amount of mercury vapor. Once such a lamp breaks, mercury vapor will volatilize into the atmosphere, thereby polluting the environment, and LED Low Bay will be very good. The protective environment is one of the recognized green light sources.

Product Features

1) High Luminous Efficiency, up to 135lm/watt.        

2) Super brightness Osram LED chip, LM80 report available.         

3) Unique appearance, innovative heat sink design ensures superior heat management.        

4) Low operating temperature, makes it extremely verstile under different easy/ hard operating conditions. 

5) Color temperature 3000k, 4000k and 6000k are all available, or we could customize the CCT as per customer's demand.   

6) Superior color rendition compared to conventional luminaire, CRI>85.          

7) Light weight, 30%-50% shipping cost saving.        

8) Easy installation, suspending installation or wall mounted.        

9) Environmental friendly. Lead and mercury free.         

10) Resistant to shock and vibration.         

11) Start without delay and flicker free. Instant ON/OFF operation.        

12) Long operation life time, above 50,000hours. Low maintenance costs.               

13) 5 Years Warranty.

Application of our Daylight sensor built-in LED low bay

Factory, Workshop, Warehouse, Supermarket, Logistics Center, Fitness center, Exhibition Hall, Gymnasium,Mall, Wharf, Mine, Highway Toll Station, Gas Station, Car Parking Lot, Airport, Shipyard, Railway Station, etc.


Installation information

1. Make sure the power supply is adapted to the right voltage before use .

2. Please ensure that the switch is off before connecting the power supply.

3. Please don t touch the metal body and watch the light source directly while lighting.

4. Indoor use only.



Daylight sensor built-in LED low bay details:







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