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Poultry House Lighting

Lighting is an essential factor in the success of the commercial production of layers and broilers. Artificial lighting in poultry houses is a special way of light that can artificially control the surrounding environment. The poultry industry in many countries of the world is adopting this lighting method, and the benefits are quite good.
Ordinary civil lighting design mainly considers human physiological requirements, while animal husbandry engineering lighting design needs to meet the requirements of human and livestock, that is, not only to facilitate personnel operation, to ensure work efficiency, but also to fully consider the physiological development of livestock and poultry for lighting environment The requirements, otherwise the economic benefits of the project cannot be guaranteed.
AMB poultry lighting are the best in the world for chicken house,poultry house with top triac dimming function from 0.2-100% without any flickers. T8/T12/T16 are optional.We always stick to use the best components for our poultry lighting,offer 5 years warranty.
If you are looking for a professional China LED poultry lighting factory and supplier or one of the best LED poultry lighting manufacturers, please feel free to contact us.
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