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Waterproof Chicken House Lighting

High PFC
Long lifespan>80,000 hours
5 years warranty time
AMB poultry farm lighting is the best in the world with top triac dimming function from 0.2-100% without any flickers.

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* T8 tube lights is mainly used in refrigerators, chicken farm, car packing, pig houses, Poultry farm.
* The tube is certificated by CSA, CE.  IP65, UL, TUV compliant.
* The tube with performance up to 120lm/W, and light efficacy up to 88%.
* Meet IEC VDE safety standard with built-in isolated driver and Hi-Pot testing up to 3850V.


IP65 LED tube T8 is Special designed for Poultry industrial where has ammoniac corrosion problems.

AMB Patent 0.2%-100% Triac dimming technology helps hen, pig, cow, turkey, chicken, duck growing, Etc.


-Profile: Patent design with 6063 Aluminum heat sink

-Beam angle: 120° 270° 360°

-Lens material: Transparent PC/ Frosty PC

-Operation Temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C

-Life Span: >80,000 hours

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Contrast advantages with incandescent lamps

T8 lamps have higher luminous efficiency than traditional light bulbs (incandescent lamps) of the same luminosity, because a higher proportion of the energy consumed is converted into visible light, less was converted into heat energy and wasted, so in use Fluorescent tube of the same luminosity

It is lower than the temperature of incandescent lamps. Incandescent lamps generally only convert about 10% of the input energy into visible light. T8 lamps of the same luminosity generally only need about 1/3 to 1/4 of the power consumed by the former, and the service life is about 10 to 20 longer than that of the conventional bulb. More than double.

Although the purchase cost of the T8 lamp is slightly higher than that of the incandescent lamp, it can save more energy and electricity costs. The longer life expectancy also reduces the replacement cost, which can save the labor cost of replacing the lamp for the commercial.

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