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Cost Comparison Of Several Light Sources

Aug 16, 2018

Take a standard chicken house with 10,000 chickens as an example. The power, unit price, service life, related costs, power consumption, etc. of three different light sources are compared. (see table below)

led light.jpg

Can be seen from the table. LED lights are compared with incandescent and energy-saving lamps. Although the initial one-time input cost is high, in the long run, due to its long life. High efficiency, its operating and maintenance costs are significantly lower than incandescent and energy-saving lamps. Take a standard chicken house with 10,000 chickens as an example. The house is 65 meters long and 14 meters wide and is equipped with 5 rows of light bulbs spaced 3 meters apart. 108 bulbs per lamp, 16 hours of standard light per day. Each kilowatt of electricity is calculated at 0.7 yuan.

Why is chicken farm lighting? What LED lights do you use for laying hens?

Can be seen from the table. A chicken house with 10,000 chickens. The annual cost of using incandescent lamps is 11,478 yuan. The annual cost of using energy-saving lamps is 4,503 yuan, and if LED lights are used, the annual cost is only 2,333 yuan, and the cost advantage is self-evident.