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LED Interior Lighting The Importance Of Reasonable Design Of Heat Sink

Mar 05, 2016

1. identify thermal power LED interior lighting needs.

2. Design radiator with a few parameters: metal specific heat, thermal conductivity of metal chip thermal resistivity, ambient air around the heat sink thermal resistance, thermal resistance and so on.

3. determine the type of heat, (natural convection cooling and heat, strong winds, as well as other means of cooling heat sink. ) From the cost comparison: natural convection construction cost, wind cooling medium high heat cost, highest Jet cooling cost.

4. the identify LED interior lighting the maximum permissible operating temperature (ambient temperature and lighting permits temperature rise).

5. calculate the size of radiator, the radiator area. And to determine the shape of the radiator.

6. heat sink and LED interior lighting into a complete lighting and power work more than eight hours at room temperature under 39 ℃-40 ℃ environment check the temperature of the lamp, meet cooling requirements, to verify that the calculations are correct, does not satisfy the conditions, you want to recalculate and adjust the parameters.

7. the radiator and chimney sealing should be waterproof, dustproof, lampshades and cushion between the radiator anti aging rubber mats or rubber mat, fastened with stainless steel bolts, waterproof, dust-proof.